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Music in the Internet

At the time of common using the Internet, it seems that finding any music surfing the Internet is no longer a real problem. In most cases, it is true because many services offer free music listening taking into consideration any listeners’ wishes.
However, everything isn’t so bright: most sources either purposely reduce the sound quality, or add some annoying ads in the middle of a track, or even with the ability of purchasing a subscription they don’t provide the access to songs that seem to a service unclaimed or irrelevant, but they are still of great interest to all music lovers.

Advantages of torrent trackers

After creating music services, the ability to upload music on different devices has been wiped out, but it is often required for listening a track in the highest quality using some modern and special audio systems or just for collecting the songs of your favorite singers.
All these problems are solved in the Torrent invites store, which offers users the ability of purchasing the invitations to some closed torrent trackers, where you can download music in the high quality in any popular audio type you want, including the highest quality. Besides, each tracker has a special topical selection of the content, where you can find the rarest editions of different singers that are sure to be a great discovery for the sophisticated music lovers. For example, a Redacted invite will provide the access to a huge library of music files from all over the world.

Types of audio

The main advantage of downloading music from private trackers is the ability to find the albums of your own interest in a high-quality format. In General, all audio types are divided into three major categories:
• Without compression. The most popular in this category is WAV-tracks that need a lot of memory and have a high bitrate. In this format, music is usually recorded on the original CDs and with using some professional equipment. On the advanced audio systems, uncompressed audio tracks provide the deepest and the most pleasant sounding.
• Lossless compression. It’s the more advanced type of audio recording that reduces the size of an audio track while keeping the sound similar to the original one. The most popular types in this category are APE, FLAC, and lossless.
• Lossy compression. This type includes the well-known MP3 format and the less popular Ogg, which can be found, for example, in the computer game files. The special feature of this category is in the convenient size of a file, but at the same time it has a more "level" sound. Lossy compression is usually used to maximize memory saving – for example, for some compact devices for playing music.
In addition, for professional musicians and the fans of retro games, it will be interesting to get acquainted with the types of "chiptune" music, which is kept in the logs of FALS for virtual synthesizers.
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