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There are lots and lots of cool private trackers collecting gigabytes of high-quality and outstanding content but it is rather difficult to become their members. In order to get an invitation to the majority of private resources it is necessary to pass an interview with the administration or a special test. This can be almost impossible for incompetent users or newcomers. That’s why, as an alternative, you can buy an invite and avoid any trouble. Our online store offers access services by the means of legitimate accounts and invites to the most popular private trackers.

What is a private tracker and how to choose an invite for the best popular torrent tracker?

A private tracker is a kind of storage for media information where you can find music tracks, movies, audio books, information about actors, musicians and much more other thematic material. The choice of tracker depends only on your preferences; luckily there is a worthy choice for any taste. On our website you can find reviews and links to the most popular trackers of the worldwide network with screenshots of their main pages and categories. For English speaking audience it is recommended to start with such interesting trackers having general orientation as Iptorrents.com and TorrentLeech.org which offer the largest torrent collections in all tracker categories.

In order to have the possibility to quickly download music and movies in a good quality it is worth paying attention to invites to torrent trackers related to Music, Movies and TV categories. The famous and expensive TV tracker Broadcasthe.net is the best resource for searching and viewing high-definition TV series. Music fans can choose popular private trackers Redacted.ch or Orpheus invite which have the best databases of musicians of all genres. Special-purposed website Dribbble.com with restricted access is a place where artists, architects, designers and other people interested in these subjects rub elbows with each other. There is no sense in enumerating all interesting resources, you can use our convenient menu or search engine to find the invite you need very quickly.

Why to choose a paid tracker if there is shedloads of free media information?

Advantages of private trackers are evident: high quality of files, verified content, a huge content database which is constantly being enlarged, access to exclusive media information, absence of viruses. There is also the possibility to download content without installation of additional software; there is no obtrusive advertising on the tracker, but there are thematic forums that allow communicating with like-minded people.

Where to buy invites to private trackers and how much does it cost?

You can buy invites on our website in different categories where you can see descriptions of popular accounts on private torrent trackers. Invites costs are different and vary from 8 to 200 $USD depending on resource popularity and availability. Such difference between prices is explained by popularity of trackers, number of users and availability of media information. There is also the possibility to buy a buffered account on the tracker you selected in order to avoid long buffering your account. At once you can get access to every section of the tracker and all possibilities will open to you. Prices for ready–to-use accounts also depend on their popularity and buffer volume.

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