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Theplace.click / ThePlace - is an old well-known educational private tracker that worked in the past under the name Theplace.bz. This resource is very popular in the field of e-learning among meaningful participants. The main goal of the community is the collection and exchange of information, including methods, experience and theories about modern seduction, personal relationships, dating, business communication and other related individual ways of self-improvement. In addition to content for self-improvement and seduction, you will also find numerous instructions and trainings from all spheres of human life, such as sex, health and fitness, food and drink, fashion and clothing, psychology and body language, dancing and singing, languages, accents, magic, tricks and more.

Like all trackers from the .click group (for example, Thevault and Theoccult), ThePlace is known for the group purchases, when a group of people invests in buying an expensive product (training or book) elsewhere on the network through file sharing or in real stores. After that, this torrent will become an exclusive .click product, which cannot be shared outside under the threat of a ban. This system allows you to get a lot of high-quality products that are not really found on other trackers.

Theplace.click community is very active, purposeful and ready to provide any feasible help in obtaining knowledge. The forums are very interesting, teeming with participants and you can “hang” there for a long time and spend a lot of time chatting. Maintaining a ratio on Theplace is not difficult, there are many torrents marked Freeleech or Neutral-Leech, which are important to download and seed at the start of your activity.
To buy an invite on Theplace means investing your money in your own development and improvement. So, if you are not indifferent to the products of the .click (or .bz) family, hurry to become a full member of these oldest and special trackers - Theplace, TheGeeks, TheVault, TheOccult, TheShow.
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JJ 2 January 2021 17:59
Bought The.Place and The.Geeks. Product was delivered fast, communication was ok. Nice to deal.
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Last reviews
19 November 2022 11:45
Got my invite quickly. Tracker is good. Team of invitez fast with their responses. 10/10...
14 November 2022 10:01
Foarte buna metoda de a obtine un cont, recomand cu incredere....
11 November 2022 04:18
Hoping to find some epic workprints with this tracker. Wish me luck, whippersnappers! *Falls asleep due to senility*...
6 November 2022 16:44
Awesome service...