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Best horror movies: let the blood run cold!

There are few people who haven't watched on, breathless, as a character opens yet another door they shouldn't open, and falls into the clutches of yet another Freddy Krueger. Screams, blood, guts, severed body parts, and more follow. Boring? Only if it's poorly filmed!

The history of the genre

The first horror movie was made at the end of the 19th century. The film was given an eerie name, "The Devil's Castle," and was only 3 minutes long. It wasn't so much scary as it was stupid. The competing candidates for the first true horror movie are "Nosferatu" and "Frankenstein." Historically, it is believed that "Frankenstein" was released earlier, but the film was lost and only found in the 50s. Nosferatu was filmed in 1922 and became the first significant milestone in the history of the genre. Then, there were the legendary "The Phantom of the Opera," "Dracula," "The Mummy," and a reissue of "Frankenstein."

During World War II, people, already fed up with life's nightmares, forgot about the genre for a while, and it became dormant. That was until the father of modern horror movies, Alfred Hitchcock, came up with the unforgettable "Psycho". This and a few other movies started what could be called a Renaissance in the horror genre, with many new masterpieces and subgenres springing up.

Where can I find these?

Visual quality plays a great role in movies of this kind. Memorable landscapes, eerie castles, murderers' elaborate costumes, and, of course, blood on the walls are invariable attributes of a good horror movie. Horror fans often wonder where they can find an archive of the best horror movies in one place and in high quality. Thanks to private trackers, the solution is already there: everything you have to do is get access to a private torrent tracker with a huge library of horror movies. Absolutely all famous horror movies in the best quality can be found on the tracker HorrorCharnel. Users can download them at high speed no matter when those movies came out and how popular they are. The only thing you need to do is buy an invite link to this site. Then, you will have access to a torrent database of all horror movies from the very beginning of movie history to the present. And don't forget to pluck up your courage.

Main genres

1. Slasher. This genre was born in the early 1980s and gifted the world the legendary Freddy Krueger and Jason. "Halloween," "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre," "Black Christmas" — these crazy slaughterhouses featuring teenagers versus serial maniacs are worth watching even now!
2. Body horror. This genre is associated with mutations and transformations of the human body. The first movies that come to mind are the "Alien" franchise and "The Fly," but they aren't the only worthy examples.
3. Supernatural horrors. Everyone remembers the creepy boy from "Omen," right? Or are you too young? What about the equally creepy girl from "The Curse"?
4. Natural horror. This subgenre was at the peak of its popularity for a long time. Huge crocodiles and sharks, bloodthirsty piranhas, huge snakes — all of them devoured people with relish, making the audience shudder every time the music faded. "Jaws", "Lake Placid," and "Anaconda" are definite must-sees!
5. Psychological horror. Movies that always keep you on the edge of your seat. Movies that make your nerves jangle and the palms of your hands sweat. The most memorable representatives are "Psycho," "The Shining," and "Rosemary's Baby."
6. Zombie movies. The first movie about the walking dead—who love eating human brains—was shot in 1932. However, what made the genre really popular was the "Resident Evil" franchise, which is comprised of movies and games. After its success, movie-makers couldn't be stopped. To this day, batches of new zombie apocalypses come out annually.

The list of horror subgenres goes on and on. Gothic, splatter, sci-fi, comedy, action horror, cannibal movies, screamers; the number of successful releases easily exceeds a hundred. Hitchcock, Tim Burton, Wes Craven, David Lynch, and other directors have made the genre of horror into a true art. We can only enjoy the flight of their imagination!
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