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Site: http://www.myspleen.org/
Myspleen.org / MySpleen - is a unique private tracker that is dedicated to old cartoons, comedies, action films, TV shows, Anime torrents and other genre videos. Here you can find such films as “Courage”, “Cowardly Dog”, “Star Wars”, “Johnny Bravo”, “Hey Arnold!”, And much more, which at one time became a cult film material. Some copies of old genre films in high quality can be found only on this tracker. This is a good tracker with a lot of hard-to-reach content, it contains almost all the popular TV series torrent trackers, divided by season, such as “Doctor House” or “The Dexter Lab”. Most of the presented torrents are coded rips, but there are also a lot of DVD5, DVD9 and a lot of Full BD.

Anyway, if you want to get the best private tracker for TV series, you should purchse a Broadcasthe.net invite or account despite its high price. For the Myspleen tracker, it is quite easy to find invitations at the time that the invite system is open. But the open mode is not often, so many users buy upgraded accounts and use almost unlimited access to the database of this resource. Maintaining a rating is not so difficult, and the best way to get good statistics is to seed a large number of torrents. The resource has nearly 30 thousand torrents with a large number of DVDs. The MySpleen community is very active and friendly, most of the requests are made pretty fast.

An invite to Myspleen.org is a good purchase for those who often attach themselves to nostalgic moods and love to watch old cult films from past decades. Moreover, on this tracker, all films are stored in high quality, despite the long-standing release of the film for rent. You will also love the sections devoted to comedies or horror films, in which all the world masterpieces of these immortal genres are collected and carefully stored.
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Comments (5)
Senior Bob
Senior Bob 11 November 2022 04:18
Hoping to find some epic workprints with this tracker. Wish me luck, whippersnappers! *Falls asleep due to senility*
bigboy 19 August 2022 12:24
Good deal thank you
Izzar 6 June 2022 09:21
It´s available?
Rathad 11 May 2022 23:49
Thanks for good and fast deal! Everything is fine with the account.
Joe 1 June 2021 23:14
Right after the payment I received my invite link! Thanks a lot!
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27 April 2024 17:17
After few hours worked. Excellent....