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Site: https://www.hd-spain.com/
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HD-Spain.com / HDSpain / HDS - is the best Spanish private tracker for HD video content in all genres: movies, TV shows, sports, XXX-adult video and more. The main feature of the tracker makes it is exclusively Spanish and all the films there are in Spanish, which makes this resource indispensable for the residents of this country. HD-Spain has been online for over 10 years and during this time has never lost its popularity and is still in the group of leaders among HD trackers, along with celebrities such as HDBits.org and Passthepopcorn. The tracker statistics show that the database is already approaching the value of 40,000 torrents, and the number of participants is about 10,000 people.

The HD-Spain tracker has a lot of exclusive videos, mainly from the Movies section, one of the best parts is the European component, which is marked in blue on the torrent list and consists of original Blu-ray discs. The highest quality releases fall on the tracker thanks to the work of the internal release group GrupoHDS, which regularly pleases users with new high-quality releases of HD video. It is not difficult to maintain the ratio on the tracker; there are many free torrents marked 100% freeleech, indicated by a green background in the table. Another nice feature of the resource is the calculation of additional bonuses for downloading and distributing old torrents. You can easy exchange the received bonuses for gigabytes in Uploads.

It’s very difficult to get onto the HD-Spain tracker, as the invite system is almost constantly closed and opens approximately once a year for only a few hours. Therefore, this tracker is one of the most difficult and expensive if you are planning to buy an invite or account. It is most likely to become a member of the tracker thanks to the account, since it is quite difficult to get under the distribution of invites. Our store has reliable, long-registered HD-Spain accounts with a good rating and high statistics. After purchasing an account, you get a username and password for the account and can download torrents immediately after authorization on the tracker. The HD-Spain tracker is the best private resource for Spanish users, as well as for fans of the original European Blu-ray releases.
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18 July 2022 23:40
Got my account just in 2 hour. The admin is a great person. Thx!...
18 July 2022 23:38
Thanks for the invite! Very fast deal....
11 July 2022 21:46
Been waiting for an invite for just 45 mins. Made a new account very fast. 100% reliable service....
1 July 2022 19:01
Got the code, and created the account with no problem. Great service and a great deal!...