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Private trackers List

At this page you will find the full list of private trackers and other closed sites, that you can access through the purchase in our online store by best prices. The list of invites is presented in the table form with the ability to sort by name, topic and price of the invite. You can select the tracker you need and go to the description page to order and buy an invite or account.

Name Category Language Price Availability
32pag.es 32pag.es Comics English 75$ Available
Abnormal.ws Abnormal.ws General French 55$ Available
ABTorrents.me ABTorrents.me Education English 25$ Available
AlphaRatio.cc AlphaRatio.cc General English 25$ Available
Animebytes.tv Animebytes.tv Anime English 60$ To order
Animetorrents.me Animetorrents.me Anime English 45$ Available
Anthelion.me Anthelion.me Movies English 40$ Available
Apollo.rip Apollo.rip Music English 40$ Available
Arabp2p.com Arabp2p.com General Arabic 30$ Available
Audionews.org Audionews.org Music English 25$ Available
Avistaz.to Avistaz.to Movies+TV English 35$ Available
Awesome-hd.me Awesome-hd.me HD Video English 75$ Available
Bakabt.me Bakabt.me Anime English 55$ Available
Bemaniso.ws Bemaniso.ws General English 40$ Available
Beyondhd.me Beyondhd.me HD Video English 55$ Available
Bibliotik.me Bibliotik.me Education English 75$ Available
Bit-hdtv.com Bit-hdtv.com HD Video English 15$ Available
Bitgamer.ch Bitgamer.ch Games English 30$ Available
BitHumen.be BitHumen.be General Hungarian 35$ Available
Bitme.org Bitme.org Education English $ Closed
Bitporn.eu Bitporn.eu XXX English 55$ Available
Bitseduce.com Bitseduce.com General English 30$ Available
Bitspyder.net Bitspyder.net Education English 20$ Available
Bittorrentfiles.me Bittorrentfiles.me General German 70$ Available
Bitvaulttorrent.com Bitvaulttorrent.com General Italian 90$ Available
Biztorrents.com Biztorrents.com Education English 75$ Available
Blutopia.xyz Blutopia.xyz TV series English 40$ Available
Broadcasthe.net Broadcasthe.net TV series English 150+$ To order
Brokenstones.club Brokenstones.club Education English 80$ Available
Cartoonchaos.org Cartoonchaos.org Cartoons English 40$ Available
CHDBits.co CHDBits.co HD Video Chinese 45$ Available
Cinemageddon.net Cinemageddon.net Movies English 80$ Available
Cinematik.net Cinematik.net Movies English 45$ Available
Cinemaz.to Cinemaz.to Movies English 45$ Available
Danishbits.org Danishbits.org General Danish 45$ Available
Deepbassnine.com Deepbassnine.com Music English 140$ To order
Desi.cd Desi.cd Music English 60$ Available
Desitorrents.tv Desitorrents.tv General English 45$ Available
Dognzb.cr Dognzb.cr NZB indexer English 45$ Available
Dribbble.com Dribbble.com Blog English 50$ Available
DrunkenSlug.com DrunkenSlug.com NZB indexer English 75$ Available
DVDSeed.eu DVDSeed.eu HD Video English 60$ Available
Elbitz.net Elbitz.net Education English 45$ Available
Empornium.sx Empornium.sx XXX English 70$ Available
Ethor.net Ethor.net General French 50$ Available
Exigomusic.org Exigomusic.org Music English 120$ Available
Exoticaz.to Exoticaz.to XXX English 75$ Available
Filelist.ro Filelist.ro General Romanian 25$ Available
Gazellegames.net Gazellegames.net Games English 80$ Available
Hachede.me Hachede.me HD Video Spanish 55$ Available
HD-Forever HD-Forever HD Video French 55$ Available
HD-Only.org HD-Only.org HD Video French 60$ To order
HD-Spain.com HD-Spain.com HD Video Spain 160$ To order
HD-Torrents.org HD-Torrents.org HD Video English 35$ Available
HDBits.org HDBits.org HD Video English 200$ Available
HDCenter.cc HDCenter.cc HD Video German 70$ Available
HDChina.org HDChina.org HD Video Chinese 45$ Available
HDCorea.me HDCorea.me Movies+TV Korean 60$ Available
HDME.eu HDME.eu HD Video English 35$ Available
Hdmonkey.org Hdmonkey.org HD Video Romanian 45$ Available
HDRoute.org HDRoute.org HD Video Chinese 50$ Available
HDSky.me HDSky.me HD Video Chinese 60$ Available
Horrorcharnel.org Horrorcharnel.org Movies English 45$ Available
Iptorrents.com Iptorrents.com General English 15$ Available
Jpopsuki.eu Jpopsuki.eu Music English 25$ Available
Karagarga.in Karagarga.in Movies English 65$ Available
Kleverig.eu Kleverig.eu XXX English 50$ Available
Learnflakes.net Learnflakes.net Education English 35$ Available
Libble.me Libble.me Music English 35$ Available
Losslessclub.com Losslessclub.com Music English 25$ Available
Lulunzb.com Lulunzb.com NZB indexer English 40$ Available
Lztr.me Lztr.me Music English 45$ Available
M-team.cc M-team.cc Movies Chinese 45$ Available
MMA-Tracker.net MMA-Tracker.net Sport English 45$ Available
Morethan.tv Morethan.tv TV series English 55$ Available
Music-vid.com Music-vid.com Music English 60$ Available
MyAnonamouse.net MyAnonamouse.net Education English 45$ Available
Myspleen.org Myspleen.org General English 45$ Available
nCore.cc nCore.cc General Hungarian 45$ Available
Norbits.net Norbits.net General Norvegian 50$ Available
Open.cd Open.cd Music Chinese 65$ Available
Openlook.me Openlook.me General Korean 75$ Available
Oppaiti.me Oppaiti.me XXX English 50$ Available
Orpheus.network Orpheus.network Music English 40$ Available
P2pelite.com P2pelite.com Education English 30$ Available
Passthepopcorn.me Passthepopcorn.me Movies English 75$ Available
Pixelcove.me Pixelcove.me Games English 45$ Available
PolishTracker PolishTracker General Polish 45$ Available
Pornbay.org Pornbay.org XXX English 55$ Available
Pornbits.net Pornbits.net XXX English 25$ Available
Pretome.info Pretome.info General English 45$ Available
Privatehd.to Privatehd.to TV series English 50$ Available
Proaudiotorrents.org Proaudiotorrents.org Music English 25$ Available
Psytorrents.info Psytorrents.info Music English 20$ Available
Pussytorrents.org Pussytorrents.org XXX English 40$ Available
Racingfor.me Racingfor.me Sport English 35$ Available
Redacted.ch Redacted.ch Music English 80$ Available
Sinderella Sinderella XXX Korean 90$ Available
Speed.cd Speed.cd General English 35$ Available
Thegeeks.click Thegeeks.click Education English 50$ Available
Theplace.click Theplace.click Education English 70$ Available
Thevault.click Thevault.click Education English 150$ To order
TNTracker.org TNTracker.org General German 45$ Available
Torrent-sindykat.org Torrent-sindykat.org General German 70$ Available
Torrentday.com Torrentday.com General English 45$ Available
Torrentech.org Torrentech.org Music English 25$ Available
Torrentleech.org Torrentleech.org General English 20$ Available
Totheglory.im Totheglory.im HD Video Chinese 65$ Available
Trancetraffic.com Trancetraffic.com Music English 20$ Available
Tv-vault.me Tv-vault.me TV series English 50$ Available
TVstore.me TVstore.me TV series Hungarian 35$ Available
U2.dmhy.org U2.dmhy.org Anime Chinese 60$ Available
Uhdbits.org Uhdbits.org HD Video Vietnamese 40$ Available
World-in-hd.net World-in-hd.net HD Video French 120$ Available
Xspeeds.eu Xspeeds.eu General English 40$ Available
Xthor.to Xthor.to General French 50$ Available