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Xthor.tk / Xthor - is one of the best French general trackers. It is also the oldest in the French segment, still active with over 125,000 torrents. The largest part of torrents fall into the categories of movies and TV shows, most of which are available in high quality High Definition (HD). In addition to films and TV, there are a number of popular general sections, such as music, books, computer programs, games, section XXX videos for adults and others. Here you can find the best French scene content and the highest quality releases of popular groups in different formats - Remux, HD 720/1080, Web.

Become a member of the Xthor tracker is very difficult, as invitations are issued quite rarely and in small quantities. Since the tracker is popular and there are many who want to get on it, the administration cannot satisfy the growing demand for invitations. In our online store you can guarantee to order Xthor invite and get it directly from the administration, which increases the reliability of registration. To date, the Xthor.to tracker is the best resource that residents of France can use to get access to a large database of films, TV shows and other data in French.
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23 February 2021 14:31
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