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Site: https://torrent-syndikat.org/eing.php
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Torrent-syndikat.org / TS-Tracker / TST - is the largest and most popular German general tracker that has lots of torrents from almost all popular categories. TST is a high-level tracker with good speeds and excellent cheating protection. Two well-known releas-groups – “iNCEPTiON” and “TSCC” are considered the main ones on TS-tracker and produce high-quality HD video content.

Despite of main German orientation, the tracker is also high demanded in the English-speaking segment of users. A large number of requests comes, as the resource includes a lot of English material with good return time and speed. You always get fresh torrents with full speed, because in most cases there are many seeders and most participants have available sidebox servers. TS-Tracker is considered to be the best universal tracker for German users, but at the same time it is one of the inaccessible ones and it is very difficult to get an invite to this resource.

As can be seen from the categories page screenshot below, the tracker provides a wide variety of material, especially this applies to the large collection of films of different genres and quality. Some torrents are freeleech and downloading from the High Definition category counts as 50%. If you have problems or cannot find the material you need, there are several groups on the tracker that can help you with movies and music content. Technical support representatives will answer you quickly in the internal forum and help you solve the problem. The tracker also has an interesting device - its own Radio-Stream, which allows you to listen online to all local popular radio stations. In general, for a German users, an invite to TS-Tracker is undoubtedly one of the best purchase from the field of private trackers.
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