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Site: https://secret-cinema.pw/
Secret-cinema / Secret-Cinema - is a private torrent tracker that specializes in obscure content including silent movies, classics, cult and art-house movies. The site is available only after receiving an invite to the tracker and it is very different from other resources, because the main goal of Secret Cinema is to collect and share art-house, unusual or little-known films, TV shows, theatrical performances and concert films. The administration is more lenient towards material that is not in English.

Secret-Cinema belongs to the same category as Karagarga torrent, Cinemaz or Cinematik.net invite, Cinemageddon tracker. However, this torrent tracker does not accept movies from Hollywood or Bollywood, or from giant companies such as Sony, Warner, Paramount or Disney, from the 1980s or later. The rating requirements on SC are really very simple - almost none! This makes it a non-Ratio community and people on the net like it very much. Therefore, this torrent tracker is in high demand and it is very hard task to find a Secret-Cinema invite. At the same time, the administration can remove from the distribution of users who download a lot, but do not share.

The interface of the torrent tracker is nice. When you select a torrent on the browse page, you get a forum information message with release data, critic reviews, various ratings. You can also learn about the director, artist, history of the film, and more. In addition, there is an online request processing system, where you can order the film you are interested in, if you did not find it in the database. The staff is responsive, the forum is always active and respond quickly. Members are friendly and willing to help with requests.
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