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Cinemageddon.net / CinemaGeddon - is a private torrent tracker devoted to movies, especially old and rare ones. This tracker offers the largest collection of rare genre movies that usually can’t be found on modern online resources. People want to get Cinemageddon invite in order to find, for example, cult films of American film director Alfred Hitchcock. His films will be always in demand among specific audience; he was able to create in masterly fashion an atmosphere of anxiety, uncertainty and suspense in his films. There is also a collection of the best horror movies based on King’s novels and Agatha Christie classical detective novels. It comes as no surprise that you can find there a variety of entertaining movies that you have probably never heard of before.

Despite particular CG torrents focus, the movies database grows constantly by adding new masterpieces and exclusive editions. The number of torrents distribution has already reached 150 thousand and it's only the beginning. The community includes about 17000 users which are fans of genre and meaningful movies. It is impossible to find neither modern Hollywood blockbusters nor boring soap operas at Cinemageddon account. The tracker administration has strict requirements to uploaded content that’s why the themes of all movies comply with the tracker purpose.

It's easy to figure out that Cinemageddon.net tracker is one of almost inaccessible resources. At present time few people has a rare chance to get an invite. There is only one private tracker similar to Cinemageddon as for its content and quality, it is called Karagarga. You can get an invite to this tracker in our online store too. If you want to purchase a Cinemageddon invite code, it is better to book it in advance as invites to this site are not always available.
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17 May 2022 04:31
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11 May 2022 23:49
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