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Thevault.click / Thevault - is the most valuable private tracker from educational topics, which contains various training materials, most of them are dedicated to different sections of the business. The tracker’s main task is to support the community for like-minded people to collect and exchange their methods, experiences and theories in the areas of welfare, investment, marketing, business and other related personal self-improvement and financial goals.

In other words, TheVault is the best e-learning tracker dedicated exclusively to business content. It covers all aspects of the business, including marketing, accounting, copywriting, finance, economics and more. The resource contains an active group purchase system that works simultaneously for many users. There are many exclusive torrents on the tracker that can be identified by the green color in the viewing mode. These torrents were created through group purchases and are the most valuable, since they include expensive courses by many famous authors, such as Eben Pagen, Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy and others.

Thevault.click tracker has an active thematic forum, which is also full of valuable knowledge, members of the community discuss problems, help with advice and experience. Most torrents are well supported and have a lot of participants with seedboxes in their arsenal, so you will be pleasantly surprised by the good recoil speeds even with several active seeders.

The tracker is closed-type, you can get there only by invite. It’s very difficult to get an invite to Thevault, there are many who want to, but the administration is in no hurry to distribute them and the conditions for receiving the coveted invite are quite strict. This explains the expensive price for invite or a buffered account on Thevault. And the account is even more expensive purchase, depending on the class, which gives many privileges in downloading material.
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rony 15 June 2019 21:10
Someone told me that Thevault's invites system just got opened again. Are you able to sell invites? Thanks!
please email me: tonyliu0016@gmail.com
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23 March 2020 12:15
Thank you very much. Quick response, very good seller. Got the invite in time....
21 March 2020 10:42
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21 March 2020 09:16
Thank you very much for this transaction. Everything worked fine. Got the account delivered as promised. Would gladly...
17 March 2020 22:06
You are a trustworthy person. Thanks a lot. I would like to apply for Bibliotik as well....