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Site: https://www.bit-hdtv.com
Bit-hdtv.com / Bit-HDTV - is a good HD video private tracker that positions itself as the most affordable for registration. But at the same time, it is not inferior to other expensive HD resources in terms of quality of material and speed of the releases. The main specialization of BHDTV is films and TV series, which are downloaded almost daily to the resource library. Due to the large number of seedboxe servers, users enjoy high download speeds. You can get to this site only by invite, which you may easily and quickly buy at our online store. Users receive bonus points for seeding torrents and can exchange them for boot gigabytes or for additional invitations.

At the moment, about 15K users are already registered on the tracker and there is access to a database of over 150K active torrents. And this is really high-quality content, showing how active this tracker is. Almost everything is loaded from DEFLATE (television series) to iFT (movies) with good speeds. You will also find many good giveaways of Remux and Full Blu-ray discs.

Maintaining a positive rating on the tracker is easy, as Freeleech torrents, painted in yellow, are downloaded almost daily and provide free downloads. This means that downloading a torrent of yellow color, you get it without losing the ratio. The bonus point system has also been introduced, where you can get additional GB to the number of downloads. Green torrents can also be downloaded for free, but the download will be counted in 2 times. This means if you download 1 GB for such a torrent, in your statistics it will be counted as 2 GB. This mode is usually used for exclusive rare torrents.
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Last reviews
18 July 2022 23:40
Got my account just in 2 hour. The admin is a great person. Thx!...
18 July 2022 23:38
Thanks for the invite! Very fast deal....
11 July 2022 21:46
Been waiting for an invite for just 45 mins. Made a new account very fast. 100% reliable service....
1 July 2022 19:01
Got the code, and created the account with no problem. Great service and a great deal!...