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Site: https://www.morethan.tv
Morethan.tv / MTV - one of the best private trackers from the TV category, also known as MTV, has successfully completed its fourth year after the tracker's first launch in 2014. During this time, many new features were added and the database and the number of participants were significantly increased. The name of the tracker indicates that the content covers more than just a television show, and this is clearly confirmed by the growth of the film section.

Both SCENE and P2P movies are downloaded from many reputable HD-trackers, such as HDBits.org, AwesomeHD, HD-Torrents, BeyondHD, M-Team. Download speeds are high even for old torrents, due to the presence of many seedboxes in the arsenal of users. The tracker itself has a dedicated 40 TB seedbox server so that all participants can download at maximum speed. MoreThan.tv has become a reliable home for many movie and television lovers thanks to its many benefits. This is a security, friendly and active community, a simple, stylish and modern interface, live forums, as well as the lack of rating and Hit & Run mode.

Morethan.tv has two internal release groups for posting films and television shows, these are DRACULA and GBL, which are well known for their quality work. In addition, MTV does not prohibit uploading its internal releases to other trackers. Many torrents are uploaded to other well-known private HD trackers. Immediately after the broadcast of new television shows, you can receive them with MTV in various qualities, including WEB-DL, HD, SD, as well as full seasonal packages that are not disassembled.

Invites to the Morethan.tv tracker are rare and difficult to get, but this is a normal situation for all high-level trackers to guarantee only worthy participants. If you like to watch TV shows and TV shows in high quality, you need to register on this tracker and get access to the best database of the TV genre.
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