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Site: https://apollo.rip/
Apollo.rip / Xanax.rip / XanaX are all beautiful names of a closed-type music tracker. This bright community appeared a couple of years ago, due to a peculiar event - the closing of the musician old What.CD. Thus, the popular tracker of the private character "Vata" smoothly changes the placement of material and users on two revived trackers - Apollo.Rip and Passtheheadphones.me, or Redacted.ch. Now Apollo works on Gazelle, - on the same engine as What.CD. Xanax.rip has an attractive design and a lot of skins to connect. Those yearning for "cotton wool" will appreciate it.

To date, Apollo.rip is rightly considered one of the best variants of music content, with releases of high quality, even in comparison with heavy FLAC formats. In a short time period, this tracker has matured and added unconditional popularity. He quickly reached the mark of 400 thousand unique hands, the number of which grows in scores almost every minute. Some of the torrents represent the bitters of already familiar releases. Nevertheless, such a rapid development can not but amaze the imagination. Pirate society generally knows how to quickly switch to something fresh, replacing irretrievably gone giants.

If you are a fan of this type of musical directions, and also consisted in the already mentioned What.cd, then acquiring an invite to Apollo.rip is your new inspiration. For beginners, Apollo will be the optimal source of music content. No doubt, you will be attracted both by the design of the site, and by an easy and pleasant search for rare music queries. Be sure to join the best company of a decent organized music database on the Internet!
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