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Site: https://apollo.rip/
Apollo.rip / Xanax.rip / XanaX - these all are the beautiful names of a closed-type music tracker. Therefore, you need to receive a special invitation or Apollo invite to access this torrent resource. This bright community appeared a couple of years ago, due to a very specific event – a shutdown of the musical “long-time resident” What.CD. Thus, the popular private tracker, that was often called simply “What”, gradually transferred the materials and users to two reborn trackers - Apollo.Rip and Redacted.ch. Now Apollo works on Gazelle - the same engine as What.CD used. Xanax.rip has an attractive design and a lot of skins to connect. People who are still missing “What” will definitely appreciate it.

To date, Apollo.rip is rightly considered one of the best variants in terms of music content, with high-quality releases, even in comparison with heavy FLAC formats. In a short time period, this tracker has matured and gained unconditional popularity. It quickly reached the mark of 400 thousand unique seeds, and their number is growing in scores almost every minute. Some of the torrents represent the bitrates of already familiar releases. Nevertheless, such a rapid development can’t but strike the imagination. Pirate society generally knows how to quickly switch to something fresh, replacing irretrievably gone giants.

If you are a fan of this type of musical directions and were part of the already mentioned What.cd, then acquiring an invite to Apollo.rip is your new inspiration. For beginners, Apollo will be the optimal source of musical content. No doubt, you will be attracted both by the design of the site, and by an easy and pleasant search for rare music queries. Be sure to join the best company of a decently organized music database on the Internet!
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Po 9 March 2024 05:57
So this is a nice service.
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14 May 2024 23:36
Fast and reliable service!...
14 May 2024 23:34
I have got my invites very fast. Thanks for the good service....
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After few hours worked. Excellent....