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Site: https://open.cd
Open.cd / OCD - is the oldest Chinese private tracker of music orientation. It is the largest and most visited music tracker of Asian origin. The resource has more than 50 thousand torrents and about 10 thousand registered active participants. A large and constantly updated database of music and good download speeds makes the tracker one of the most popular among music lovers in Asia and other music fans. For those who like Japanese, Chinese, Korean tunes, the Open.cd tracker is the best alternative to search your favorite artists.

Maintaining a good rating on this resource is not difficult, there are many options for Freeleech distributions - 30%, 50% and 100%, depending on the popularity of torrents. The Seedbonus system also helps to create good statistics, since the bonuses received during seeding can be exchanged profitably for the number of gigabytes for future downloads.

The music on the Open.cd tracker is the most diverse - from classical to hard rock. There are over 30 different categories, including music videos, clips, animes, movie soundtracks, TV shows on music themes, and more. Also, the music library can be filtered by several other criteria to facilitate the search. This is the playback quality, digital recording format, musical styles and directions, the name of the release team. The tracker has the most famous Asian release groups: Open.cd, LLM, TSxD, KHQ and others. Open.cd tracker is recommended to everyone who perceives the music of Asian countries well.
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