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Site: https://pretome.info
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Pretome.info / Pretome / PTM - is a popular and developed private tracker of a general orientation, which has a large number of fans in the torrent community. Firstly, this is a ratioless tracker with a lot of content, which means that it doesn’t have a set of requirements related to maintaining the ratio of UL and DL gigabytes. The resource statistics show good pre-times in terms of when new releases become available. Many users use the Pretome.info tracker to make up for lost episodes of television series that they were not able to watch for a week. Such an opportunity is due to the presence on the tracker of an impressive database of all popular TV series with a convenient filtering and search function. An important fact is that on Pretome you can easily find most of the old and new television episodes.

Currently, this resource has more than 63,000 television torrents, more than 15,000 films and more than 3,000 games, which is included in the section of its main data categories. A special feature of the tracker is the presence of the online casino where you can bet and try your luck in well-known gambling games - Keno, 21 blackjack, video poker, dice, Texas Hold'em, coconut triples. There is even a famous roulette - paper ... stone ... scissors. You can also go into the Arcade Room and play all the old arcade games, such as PAC Man or Asteroids. For those who are not very versed in the intricacies of video formats, there is a section that explains what CAM / TS / TC / SCR means. The Pretome.info website has many other useful options, which explains its high popularity. For each user, there is something interesting and useful, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced user.

Pretome is an excellent site where you can find a large number of free torrents. The download speed is high and most torrents well seedding, since many active participants have sidebox servers. This site has existed for several years and is one of the most popular private trackers in general. You can join it only with the invite, which can be easily bought in our online store. It is enough to make an order and our manager will contact you as soon as possible.
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