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Site: https://hd-torrents.org/
Hd-torrents.org / HD-Torrents - is one of the best private HD-trackers from the available group in terms of the cost of invite and requirements for the rules of conduct. First of all, this resource is appreciated for having a large library of original Blu-ray discs, as well as high-quality remuxes. This is a great tracker to get started in the world of HD video, if you want to access a good database of HD content from the currently most popular categories - HD / UHD, movies, television shows, music and video clips, XXX adult videos. HD-Torrents is also suitable for those who, for various reasons, cannot join expensive high-level trackers, such as HDBits.org invite or Awesome-HD.net.

The HD-Torrents tracker employs several professional internal release groups that produce high-definition and high-quality video material. Representatives of the tracker administration are almost always online and respond to inquiries without complaints. The resource is not sensitive to changing the user ip address, so you can easily use the site from someone else's account. Despite this, the rules of the tracker are required to be read, since for the violation of certain points certain types of sanctions may be applied to participants. In addition to the themes of films and TV shows, HD-Torrents contains many other sections with informative information regarding hardware, software, video encodings, codecs, and other things related to video or music.

In order to securely gain a foothold on the tracker and have good statistics, it is very advisable to immediately get a seedbox server if you do not have high-speed Internet. This will allow you to quickly make a high ratio if you download fresh popular torrents and upload them to the seedbox server for seeding. All lovers of HD video can be advised to get an invite to HD-Torrents tracker. Thus, you will get almost unlimited access to the world collection of the best releases of films and TV series in HD quality.
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